March 8, 2018

Web Application

Web Application Development Services for Custom Business Solutions



– Are you looking for cutting edge web based software solutions to improve existing business  processes?

– Do you have specific business needs that can  only be satisfied through customized web application design and development?

– Are the existing web applications on your site outdated?

– Is your business website unable to cope with the increasing demands and expectations of your customers?

– Are you looking for a web applications development company that has a proven track record in developing personalized web  applications for their clients?

Our Offshore web application development services are the answer

The World Wide Web is slowly emerging as the absolute means of communication. Businesses are leaving no stone upturned to understand this medium and using its reach and usability to fulfill their objectives. Personalized web application development is an intrinsic service that helps businesses develop specific applications that can further achieve these objectives.

The offshore web application development services offered by Viteb have just one aim Deliver Expected Results in line with Client Objectives.

  • Social Networking Application Development
  • Rich Internet Application Development
  • Contect Management System
  • Database Application Development
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • Portal Development

Social Networking Application Development

Social networking application design and development using robust frameworks and powerful platforms. Advanced social networking application including chats, integrated blog, forum, groups, photo sharing, music/video networking, adult networking and many more.

Content Management System

We offer powerful and custom made web content management system as per client needs and budget. We have proven skill of different CMS based platform including Joomla, CMS, WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc.


Shopping Cart System

Design your user-friendly and search engine friendly shopping cart with advanced functionalities including order management, user management, payment processing, product management, custom web layout, etc



Bringing You The Power Of The Web

By now you must have experienced the all prevailing influence of the World Wide Web. Our offshore web application design services create applications that exploit this influence and push business growth in the right direction.

As a leading web application development company we offer:

  • Business or Ecommerce web design
  • Business applications
  • Ecommerce software
  • Advanced web and enterprise portals
  • Rich internet applications

We only use the latest web technologies such as .Net Framework (ASP and C#), PHP, MySQL, PERL, Ruby or Rails etc to develop custom web applications that help facilitate both B2B and B2C interactions for our clients. We also use a number of advanced web application development tools to provide integrated, cross-platform, cross-browser solutions to our clients. One of our core expertise areas is the use of open source framework to develop web applications; such applications are cost effective and are of tremendous functional value.

Rich Internet Application Development

Improve your existing application using rich internet application including video, live chat, animation etc. We have good expertized over different RIA frameworks that fit your application requirement. Free feel to discuss about your rich internet application needs.

Database Application Development

Get the best database application features with us like minimize data redundancy, secure database, easy to management, custom database design and many more. Our expertise allows us to develop successful database applications irrespective of the densities of the business processes.

Portal Development

Get ready to launch your online portal with us. We are providing B2B and B2C portal design and development services as per your custom needs including dating, social networking, job portal, real estate and many more.