Delivery Automated System

Delivery Automation System

As businesses are growing rapidly, Delivery services are getting popular among businesses and companies are moving towards Delivery Automation Systems. With the efficient and user-friendly Delivery Automation System, businesses can now provide their services to a large number of clients. With the combination of native mobile apps for both android and iOS, Mdeux Solutions has designed a complete package of delivery automation for its customers. Major functionalities of our delivery automation system are:

  • Excellent Design
  • Cart Management
  • Daily Sales
  • Order Status
  • Assigned Riders
  • Location Update of Rider

Our Delivery Automation System has the following apps.

Admin Panel

  • Customer App (Android / iOS)
  • Rider App (Android / iOS)

The Admin Panel of the App gives the user complete control over his shop and orders. The admin panel maintains the status of all online orders and once the order is assigned to a specific rider the status gets updated accordingly. Multiple reports are present in the admin panel. Daily sales can be monitored and number of delivered orders can be viewed.The customer app will give the user an excellent experience to order the products online. Beautifully designed dashboard of products and user-friendly cart helps the customer to understand the app and they can easily place an order from the app. No matter how large the number of products in the cart, our app manages the quantity of products beautifully.The rider app of our delivery automation system manages the rider by adding them through the admin panel. Rider gets the order from the admin and the location of the rider gets updated in the app continuously. Once the rider delivers the order, its status gets updated in the app.