March 12, 2018

Our Services


Our Services

We provide the best

Mobile Application Development

Windows/ IO’s/ Android

Software Product Engineering

Business Software Development/ Management

Sms Services / Application development

Market your brand with a specified SMS short-code

Business / Big Data Analytics

We help our customers in infusing intelligence into all systems.

Digital Marketing

SEO/Social networking

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Mobile Application Development

is continuously increasing day by day with a sudden boom because of the popularity of mobiles among people. Now-a-days, Black Berry, Samsung, iPhone, Android, Windows phone and Symbian mobiles are in a high demand. People prefer to buy such mobiles because they lie in the category of smart phones.

We deal in the following platforms:

  • iPhone Applications Development
  • Android Mobile Platform

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Software Product Engineering

Software product companies serve customers that are constantly growing more sophisticated and demanding. Mdeux outsourced product development services provide independent software product vendors with end-to-end solutions that bring innovation to the market. Mdeux can help deliver the new features, scalability, flexibility and robustness that today’s customer expects, as well as optimize total cost of ownership and risk level.


Our full-scale software engineering services help product companies with their R&D at every stage of the product lifecycle including:

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Web Development & Designing

Fundamentally, we consider web development to mean more than simply building websites. Carried out correctly, web development should grant the ability to fulfill business needs by exploiting the rich potential of modern web technologies, internet resources and cloud computing.

A modern web application shares nearly all the benefits of a desktop application and can be accessible anywhere, any time, using a broad range of devices.Traditional web technologies have significantly improved and rich client applications have become a mainstream in our industry.


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SMS Short Code Services

  • Market your brand with a specified SMS short-code for the users to access
  • Multiple keywords to trigger various functionalities / applications
  • Easy-to-remember in marketing/advertising
  • Two-way communication with the users
  • Customized message, with scheduling
  • User control for the personalised content

SMS Application

  • Multiple-purpose applications to run over SMS
  • Complete customized application design according to customer requirements
  • Unlimited usage of the application for SMS services
  • Can be connected to any SMS services, whether short-code or SIM

Few example Applications

  • Quiz
  • Survey
  • Polling
  • Feedback
  • Complaint System
  • Monitoring
  • Data management
  • Field force data collection
  • Discount offers for customers
  • General information about your business
  • Verification Cycles

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Achieving search engine positioning, just does not gives better Page Rank, but it increases web traffic on your site. This traffic may be some times fruitful and may help you in achieving better goals and Increases leads, sales and profits from your website. We at Mdeux Solutions help you with Search Engine Optimization that improves your online presence and the SEO strategies also help in increasing your company’s reputation. And this reputation can also help you achieving customer confidence.


The biggest obstacle in this marketing is permission. Your Email marketing may be labeled as spam and thus can not deliver to the intended recipients. Another one is laws of land. There are some different laws in different countries to consider Email marketing as spam or abuse of net. The CAN-SPAM act of U.S.A. is authorizing a US$11,000 penalty per violation of spamming each individual recipient. Therefore most of the Email marketers use software which ensures compliance with the act.


Generally, when we say the product promotion, then it ultimately sense as product marketing; and here product is Web itself, so my dear reader do I mean to say that I want to sell Web here? No, never; but any product which can be promoted through Web is Web Promotion.

Facebook Page Management

In today’s business climate your interaction on Facebook may be the edge that gets you the sale over your competitors. You may need a presence to be at the top of the game in your industry, or you may need the exposure to reach more potential interested parties. Whatever your business needs, Facebook is here to stay and the business action takes place on your business Fan Page and personal profile.

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Big Data Analytics

With more information coming from more sources, many organizations struggle to manage data’s exploding volume, diversity and complexity. Not only is storing data costly, but conventional data management practices can strain IT resources.

Data analytics services and solutions can help you harness the power of big data without exhausting your human and infrastructure resources. Mindtree Data Analytics services leverage technology and expertise to unlock hidden opportunities and insights. We help some of the world’s largest organizations prepare for future trends and achieve a distinct competitive edge.

Our in-house experts use technology, proven frameworks and tools and domain expertise to turn problems into successful business outcomes, delivering data visualization, enterprise data management, business intelligence and data analytic solutions under one umbrella.

Our scalable, next-generation enterprise analytics services can create more value for your organization by:

  • Moving you closer to the consumer, creating compelling value that strengthens your brand and attracts and keeps customers
  • Improving collaboration through the value chain, creating synergies, and reducing waste and inefficiencies by sharing data and insights
  • Developing insights from your organization, gathering and analyzing data that leads to clearer understanding of the cost-to-serve customers
  • Strengthening decision-making, advancing to a more predictive, better informed decision methodologies
  • Promoting a demand-driven organization, embedding consumer insights across the organization to create a consumer-centric business

We do this by taking a different approach with next-generation data analytics services that:

  • Leverage our proof of concepts and learning labs
  • Use sequencing around stated value
  • Apply analytics to operating models and talent strategies
  • Create innovative enablement approaches

And, we don’t stop there. At our Data Analytics and Advanced Data Visualization Centers of Excellence (CoEs), we work with your team to dig deep into your company’s big data core to develop lab-tested knowledge and tools that uncovers internal business and customer experiences that lead to valuable insights.

Let us help you uncover valuable customer and business insights that deliver competitive advantages, improve decision making and drive growth by boosting your data and analytics capabilities.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]